Residential Cleaning

What is the best fit for you?

Each home and the needs of the client are unique, we establish a cleaning plan specific to your needs. From general cleaning tasks to deep cleaning. Beds to garages, linen service, the list go on. We work with our clients to fit their needs, not the other way around. 

Weekly services are by far the most popular for those who don't want to do any cleaning tasks, at all, ever again. Hey, we get it, we love to clean so it's a good match!

A popular service for families and those with pets is the every other week service. 

The most beneficial service for those living alone or retired is the 4 week service. This is for those who don't mind keeping up with the cleaning tasks between visits. Most popular with retired, single person homes.

The ever popular BUDGET service is for those who want to keep the cost within their budget. 




every other week

4 week



move in/ move out (turn clean)

Add on services

linen change (the first bed is free of charge, add more as needed)

garage/porch blown out

organizing services

add a room (have a room not used often, add the room or area as needed)

small area grout cleaning and sealing

interior window washing

pick up/put up services

linen services (washing, drying, folding)

Virus & Flu Buster Service