The Best Professional Cleaning Services in Mcdonough GA and Surrounding Areas.

Residenital Cleaning Services

Recurring Services

Ready to give up house cleaning for good? If so, our recurring cleaning services are a great choice. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly services. We'll come to your home on a regular schedule and get your house squeaky clean! Everyone in the house will love coming home on cleaning day! 

Deep Cleaning Services

When you house needs a good scrubbing, our deep cleaning will do the trick. Our deep cleaning is our most detailed and thorough cleaning and includes hand washing painted woodwork like baseboards, doors, door frames, window sills and cabinet fronts.  

Move Cleaning Services

Moving is tough and a lot of work so why try to take on the cleaning too. Squeaky clean offers both move out and move in cleaning services. We'll help you get the old place clean and ready for new residents and the new place clean and sanitized for your move in.

It’s our job to help you choose the right level of service for your needs.  Choosing the right type of service to be performed in your home is the only way to have a successful outcome when you hire a cleaning service.  If you insist on purchasing less service than you need, you will be disappointed with the results no matter who you hire.  It is for this reason, that we strongly suggest that you start with a Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Cleaning for your first service visit.

Other Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Squeaky Clean offers commercial cleaning services to businesses in  Spalding County and surrounding area. Given that the average American spends one-third of their life at work, giving your employees a clean and healthy environment is important. It's also motivating and will increase the productivity of your team.

Covid Disinfecting Services

With the Covid pandemic still going strong, professional quality cleaning and disinfecting of your home or office reduces the spread of pathogens to keep your family, employees and customers safe and healthy. We use electrostatic sprayers to dispense a hospital-grade disinfectant to sanitize all surfaces in your home of office.