Annual Sale

Bet you are thinking we have lost our minds, right?  Well, we haven’t, at least not yet!

We run this deal about once a year, and that time is now.

Just think, no cleaning chores for you, and saving money, that’s a WIN WIN FOR SURE.!

This is major savings, we are talking a 100% FREE service, no charges whatsoever. 

Here is how it works:

Get on our regular recurring schedule for weekly (starting at 112.50 for most) or 2 week service, and your 5th regular recurring service is on us-absolutely FREE for you.

No strings attached, promise. Oh, did I mention we don’t require contracts?

Ready to never clean again AND get a free service? ( I knew you were

smart. :))  Click on the picture at the top to get started, make sure to put 5th FREE in the coupon code.

Broken link? No worries, copy and paste