Maintain a Healthy Environment With House Cleaning in Hampton, GA

Whether you’re living alone or have kids and pets, maintaining a healthy environment in your home is essential to your overall good health. With our busy schedules, keeping up with house cleaning isn’t always easy. Hiring professional house cleaning in Hampton, GA, can ensure a healthy home environment and give you more time to be…

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What to Know Before Hiring Cleaning Services in Griffin, GA

Cleaning Services in Griffin, GA

If you’re like most people, your cleaning service is one of the first things you think about when it comes to home maintenance. You don’t want to spend too much on it, but you want to ensure your home is always clean and presentable. How do you know which cleaning services in Griffin, GA, are…

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Save Time and Money on Your House Cleaning in Hampton, GA

House Cleaning in Hampton, GA

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. When you have some extra time, it’s better spent doing something fun than scrubbing and vacuuming the house. If that sounds like you, hiring a professional house cleaning in Hampton, GA, might be right up your alley! A…

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Qualities of a Good House Cleaning Service in Hampton, GA

House Cleaning Service in Hampton GA

There are many factors to consider when looking for a good house cleaning service in Hampton, GA. Knowing what to look for will make your search easier and more efficient because you can identify companies that are right for your needs. Licensed and Insured A good house cleaning service should be licensed and insured. Licensing…

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Build The Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning

In the cleaning industry, there are tons of tricks of the trade that make house cleaning easier, more efficient, and overall more enjoyable. One of Squeaky Clean‘s favorite tips is to build specific cleaning kits for different parts of your home – that way, no matter where you are, you have everything you need to keep…

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2021 – We Were Voted Best Of The Best!

  One afternoon while sitting at my desk opening mail, I came across a large envelope. Having no idea what it might contain I gingerly opened it. Imagine my glee as I pulled out a certificate announcing that Squeaky Clean was voted Best of the Best by our local paper! I think I let out…

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Annual Sale

Bet you are thinking we have lost our minds, right?  Well, we haven’t, at least not yet! We run this deal about once a year, and that time is now. Just think, no cleaning chores for you, and saving money, that’s a WIN WIN FOR SURE.! This is major savings, we are talking a 100%…

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Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Save $45.00 off Initial or your deep Clean service when it is booked for September.  Contact us to learn how, 770 468 9475. Offer ends 09/15.

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It’s OK to ask for help.

It’s OK to Ask for Help

Recently I broke my wrist, not just a little break, the bone was making a dramatic, jagged appearance to the world. It was a gnarly break, which required emergency surgery.  How it happened is by doing stupid stuff. I blame my fierce independence, I could have asked my son, or his friend, both over 6…

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“The most perfect workplace”

The Most Perfect Workplace

What is it about Squeaky Clean that makes it the most perfect workplace according to Jennifer? * Low Stress environment * No Drama * Great clients who appreciate the hard work * Great co-workers who are helpful and actually care for each other, Our clients demand the best of the best!  Our staff are hand…

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$50.00 referral for you and your friends

$50.00 Referral For You And Your Friends

Big Circle Referrals give you $50.00 off and your friend gets the same. Who doesn’t love to save some cash? How it works is pretty simple, give our website or phone number to your friends who could use a helping hand or two. When they contact us, they need to mention who referred them and…

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Eliminating TOUCH POINTS-lock boxes

Eliminating Touch Points-Lock Boxes

Key words we have all been hearing often these days-touch points. At Squeaky Clean we have always stressed the importance of cleaning these areas, if you have been with us for awhile you may remember the term we used “MCT-Most Commonly Touched”. Same thing as touch points. I will not be talking about cleaning too…

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