It’s OK to ask for help.

It’s OK to Ask for Help

Recently I broke my wrist, not just a little break, the bone was making a dramatic, jagged appearance to the world. It was a gnarly break, which required emergency surgery.  How it happened is by doing stupid stuff. I blame my fierce independence, I could have asked my son, or his friend, both over 6 ft tall to do it with ease, but not me, I am woman, hear me roar! Then watch me fall, literally.

Me a week after emergency surgery to shove the fat back in, and put bones together with a metal plate. Still have a ways to go before this arm is useful.

Due to not being able to move the broken wrist, my independence has taken a hit. I need help doing the most simple things. Opening a jar of pickles, putting on clothes, cooking, and even cleaning, are tasks that are almost impossible with one hand. I won’t even tell you how ridiculously long it takes to type a simple email!  Independence-take a back seat.

When my 4 children were young, seldom did I ask for help. Like most everyone else, I managed. Laundry up to my knees, school, work, ball practice, ballet – you know all those things that parents do that leave no time for the daily, much less fun things, in life. Stress to the max, right?

What I’ve learned is that it is OK to ask for help. Don’t be stubborn, like me, and avoid asking until you have no choice. If only we would learn this much earlier in life – just think about the stress’s we can avoid!  Here is an interesting article on stress and asking for help.

What I’ve also learned is that those we ask for help from, usually family and friends, truly want to help. I’m not a scientist, but I’m betting it releases dopamine when we help others.  It just makes you feel good.

When talking with our staff about how their day was, it isn’t unusual to see their faces light up when talking about what they were able to do that day to make our clients day a little easier. It could have been something as simple as changing a light bulb, or taking the trash to the curb. They helped someone, and that just feels good!

Regardless of the reason for needing help,


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