Disinfectant Fogging-why it may be doing more harm than good

Disinfectant Fogging - Why It Is More Harm Than Good

What is disinfectant fogging? In a nutshell it is placing a disinfectant chemical into a fogging machine and fogging interior areas, in theory, to control or eliminate pathogens on surfaces.  The type of machine varies greatly and all have their positives and negatives, all are also expensive. I am sure you all have seen the…

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Make your own disinfecting wipes!

Make Your Own Disinfecting Wipes

Simple, easy to make disinfecting wipes. A cleaning business friend did a short video on how to make these, and get this, she used to make baby wipes for her children in the same way! These are very inexpensive and easy to make. You will need: roll of paper towels gallon size freezer  bag or…

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What are “High Touch Points”?

CDC High Touch Points - Squeaky Clean

According to the CDC High Touch Points should be cleaned several times a day. At Squeaky Clean Inc, we have been in the practice of cleaning and sanitizing High Touch Points (HTP) for years. Maybe we were ahead of the game? Not really, education taught us these areas need to be cleaned and sanitized on…

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