DIY Simple Sanitizing Spray


The stores shelves are pretty empty when it comes to household cleaners and disinfectants. Literally empty. While our offer stills stands, if anyone in our area needs disinfectant, we have plenty here in our office, just let us know. However, you can make a simple and effective disinfectant/sanitizing spray with a few simple ingredients you probably already have.

Before I jump into the recipe, whatever type of spray you use, always follow manufacture directions for dwell time (the amount of time the chemical must sit on the surface to be effective). For this DIY spray follow the recommendations of the CDC for dwell time, it can be found here.

What you will need;

*16 oz Spray bottle that is new (don’t want to mix chemicals in a used spray bottle as the plastic can absorb chemicals) Personally, I like a nice glass bottle, if you intent on putting essential oils in the bottle a dark glass bottle is needed.

*12 oz Vodka or Everclear. That is if any is left over from the drink mixing LOL.  According to the CDC at least 70% alcohol or 140 proof or higher drinking alcohol. Vodka doesn’t generally have a smell so it is nice that your home won’t smell like a distillery.

* Distilled water

Place the alcohol in the bottle, fill to top with the distilled water, shake. That is it, pretty simple and easy right?

Add ins:

1/2 tsp hydrogen peroxide to assist germ fighting

30- 45 drops of your favorite essential oils

Turn this recipe into disinfecting wipes! I posed a few months back on how to make disinfecting wipes, simply follow the directions here “make disinfecting wipes”.

The recipe without the add ins can be used just about everywhere, well except your kids and pets! Use on most commonly touched ares (High touch points) as needed. As always, use caution around pets, always test in an inconspicuous area before using on furniture and natural surfaces.

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