Special Clients- Here’s an update! 04/20/2020

Hey there everyone,
Time for another update! With the last update that we sent out we mentioned eliminating checks and keys. Why? To reduce the spread of pathogens, for your and the techs safety. The less items that we all have to touch the less pathogens we are spreading. 🙂

We are doing our part with the social distancing, which is still very awkward, most of our techs are leaving from their home coming to yours.
Lock boxes are fairly inexpensive to obtain, our local hardware store and Amazon carry them for $15-$20. Here’s a video from one of our peers on where to put your lock box.
Why is having a lock box beneficial?
  1. No more leaving the door unlocked or hiding a key and hoping that someone does not see you or us remove it or put it back. Ohhh… that is kinda scary to think about.
  2. You’re in control of the code (just don’t forget to let us know)
  3. You can choose to leave it out or only put it out on the days of service, the choice is yours.
  4. Some lock boxes you can assign codes
  5. Kids need to get in the house?
  6. Dog sitters/ walkers?
  7. Pest control people?
  8. Family needs to get in?
  9. Lost your keys… oops
Our client portal, we have sent an email inviting you to set this up.
With the client portal you can:
  1. create your own login
  2. can manage how you would like to be notified for reminders,
  3. update payment information!
  4. Add a tip
  5. See upcoming service dates
  6. Request add on services
  7. Pay and see invoice and more
This is a very secure system, we do not have access to your card information. We are asking everyone to add a card, even if you already have one on file with us. As always contact us with any questions or concerns. For those who have set up your client portal, thank you. If you have not, check your email, don’t forget about checking the spam and bulk folders too!
How does having a card on file benefit me?
  1. Eliminating over 16 touch points between your check and our bank
  2. Checks get wet when it rains
  3. No more accidentally leaving checks
  4. Earn points on your reward card!
By eliminating these two very small things, key and checks, we are greatly reducing the spread of pathogens and flattening the curve. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Thank you all for taking these small changes, they will create a HUGE difference.
We look forward to seeing you (and the fur babies) soon!
Bridget and Karen